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Gay Fans of Reality TV

....You Can't Always Blame The Editing

fans of reality tv
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Looking around live journal, I noticed that there are really no good reality TV communities that are updated often. So, I figured "Hey, why not start my own?"

This community will be updated often with links to interesting reality TV stories from around the web.

Feel free to post anything thoughtful and intelligent that is reality TV related. As long as the posts are respectful, they will not be moderated.

Hopefully this community can become active with entries ranging from episode recaps, to news about upcoming shows, to information on past cast members.

Spoilers about episodes that have not yet aired are not permitted in this community. I have never seen the point of "spoilers"...They ruin all the fun and will be deleted. If you post a spoiler, you will be banned with no questions asked.

Please use an LJ cut if you are going to post any thoughts about specific episodes. Not everyone is able to watch them as soon as they air.
Yes, the name of the community is "gayrealityfans" but you don't have to be gay to join. Everyone is welcome!!!

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